Becky is the office manager of The Eye Site at New Seasons and works at The Eye Site in Copley assisting the front office on days she is not at the New Seasons location. She is also our Medicaid specialist. She attended Fortis College majoring in Medical Assisting. She also did her externship with us and joined us after her graduation in 2014. She enjoys the outdoors, watching movies, and spending quality time with her family. Becky is originally from Akron and currently resides in Wadsworth with her husband, Scott, and their four children.


Brenda is our head optician who takes care of all of your eyeglass needs! She has over 20 years of experience as an optician and is our eyeglass expert. Brenda is originally from Dubois, PA and received her Pennsylvania Optical Certification in 1990. She then received her Ohio Optical License in 1997 along with her Contact Lens Dispensing License. She has also been with the Ohio Optical Association for more than 25 years. Brenda joined us in 2016 and currently resides in Sugar Bush Knolls, Ohio with her husband, John. She also has a son and daughter.


Jenn is our optometric technician and assists in the front office. She does a great job of pre-testing and getting to the bottom of what our patients need from us. She attended Bryan & Stratton College for Health Service Administration and graduated in 2017. She joined us in the fall of 2018. Her hobbies include scrapbooking, cooking, and bowling. Jenn is originally from Modesto, CA and currently resides in Akron with her dog and boyfriend.


Melissa is the billing manager and was the very first employee of The Eye Site. She handles the majority of billing in the office and as well as some of the administrative things as well. Melissa attended Fortis College, majoring in Billing/Coding, and graduated in 2010. She did her externship with us and joined us after graduation. Her hobbies and interests include photography, crafting, and hiking in the metro parks. She is originally from Macedonia and currently resides in Twinsburg with her husband, Jerrod.


Patana is the front office manager. She takes care of keeping the front office running efficiently and can answer most questions patients have. Patana attended Fortis College, majoring in Medical Assisting, and graduated in 2016. She joined us shortly after doing her externship with us. Her interests include reading, exotic foods, and travelling. She is originally from Akron and currently resides in Springfield Township with her husband, Brandon.


Megan is our certified scribe and technician. She works with the doctors closely in the exam room to document findings and performs pretesting/specialized testing. She graduated from Stark State College and joined us in July of 2019. Her hobbies and interests include traveling, cooking, reading, and spending time with her dog and two cats. Megan is currently expecting her first child and is due in the summer of 2020.