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The Eye Site at Copley Circle has roughly 1,200 frames in stock. We carry brands such as Coach, Michael Kors, Ray Ban, Perry Ellis, Kate Spade, Nike and Vera Bradley, among many others.

Types of Lenses

  • Single Vision: provide vision correction for one viewing area, which can be far, intermediate, or near.
  • Bifocal: provide vision in two different viewing areas, one being for distance and one for near viewing.
  • Trifocal: considered to be an extension of the bifocal lens because it provides an intermediate segment on the lens between the near and the distance.
  • Progressive: sometimes called no-line or invisible bifocals. They are designed to give continuous vision from far to near.
  • Office Lens: designed to meet vision needs of patients working in an environment that restricts them to intermediate and near viewing.

Polycarbonate Lenses
Polycarbonate is a popular choice for opthalmic lenses due to its light weight, thinness, impact resistance and UV protection. As the most impact-resistant lens material, polycarbonate should be recommended for children, young adults, people that are involved in an active lifestyle and people that wear safety eyewear. Polycarbonate lenses are also up to 30% thinner than glass or plastic lenses.

Anti-Reflective Lenses
Anti-Glare protects your eyes from glare and reflections that cause blurry vision and eye strain. It virtually removes reflections from the surface, allowing more light to pass through, helping patients see better and look better. Anti-Glare also reduces nighttime glare from headlights and street lights, as well as protecting your eyes from computer reflections that cause eye fatigue.

Transitions VI and Transitions Xtra-Active
Transition lenses are a wonderful way to have two pairs of glasses in one!  The latest generation of transition lenses are clearer indoors and darken even quicker outdoors when exposed to UV  light.    For patients who want even darker lenses while driving, the Transition Xtra-Active lens is activated to visible instead of UV light.  There is a faint indoor tint that is barely noticable while wearing the glasses and they darken much quicker when outdoors.  

Polarized lenses are the most effective tool in protective sunwear. They block blinding horizontal glare, which is something that cannot be done with any other treatment or lens. Polarized lenses also enhance the most important function of prescription eyewear by improving visual acuity.

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